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How we are pushing the world to sustainability

We at Phabio, are driven by the fact that WE, ARE THE LAST GENERATION WHO CAN DO SOMETHING TO SAVE THE DYING EARTH !! Hence, we need to do our bit, as much as we can, to stop environmental degradation. 

Plastic being one of the major concerns of the world today, we chose to target this problem. Researching about the possible solutions we came across the fact that only 9% of total plastic is recycled and rest of it goes into landfills or incineration. 

Thus. We decided to look for viable alternatives for plastic in our labs. 

Not all alternatives though, are viable and in fact, some are even more harmful for nature. 

The product we are building is ONE OF A KIND, It is completely similar to conventional plastic in terms of material and thermal properties, is food safe as well as biodegrades in the soil within 120 days! That's our GURANTEE! We can make everything starting from bottles to food containers and carry bags out of this bioplastic

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We have developed a customized process and set of equipments to manufacture a special category of bioplastics similar to conventional plastic, durable, water resistant and thermally stable. The process is under patenting in India.


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