South Asia Fashion for Good Accelerator Program 2020.

Hey! Is your wardrobe green? Do you know how much carbon each of your cloth leaves in its lifetime (Take a test here if you do not- put the link of carbon footprint calculator)? How often do you reconsider your choices of brands or products? Do you take time to understand and compare ingredients of products you chose and their effect on environment? Does your wardrobe weigh heavily on environment or are you an informed consumer? Fortunately, with AI and digital media serving us with every piece of information and options, our choices of clothes, accessories and looks are vast and are constantly influenced by fast evolving fashion industry. However, unfortunately, this sector accounts for 10% global carbon emissions and nearly 20% wastewater. It’s a diverse industry which sucks more energy than both aviation and shipping business combined. One of its branches- cosmetics industry heavily uses substances like parabens, formaldehydes, sulphates, PEG, etc which are harmful for both humans and environment. So, our constant urge for more clothes, better wardrobe and looks weighs heavily on our environment.

But wait a minute. Aren’t we taking what is being served to us by marketeers and designers? None of this is our fault, right? But isn’t it? You see it is a constant cycle of cause and effect of your choices made. The wide range of fashion products (apparels and cosmetics) we use are not just the work of beauticians, designers and marketeers. It is a collaborative and combined work of manufacturers, designers, marketeers and consumers. Manufacturers being innovators and experts shoulder the responsibility to bring sustainability and affordability in their operating business model and focus not only on socio-economic but environmental benefits too. The good news is that there are already innovative business models such as Phabio (produces degradable bioplastics useful in packaging and storage) in the market gradually spanning their foot. But Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, it will take some time for these technologies to absorb and aspire into the market and their evolution depends on consumers. So, you see it all starts with you and your choices. The current period of pandemic, amazon fires, crashing economies and glacier meltdown is a wakeup call for both consumers and manufacturers for much-needed transformation of our choices and habits of being and existing harmoniously. If as a consumer, fashion-preneur, designer and manufacturer we can stand even with environment with lesser residual carbon and still reap market benefits, why go the other road? I mean isn’t it better to “Take the road less travelled” as stated by famous poet Robert Frost. We at Phabio use renewable waste from agro- based and beer industries as well as sea weeds to produce bioplastics which are completely degradable. Our technology provides a cutting-edge alternative against synthetic plastics and puts us a step ahead in this constant struggle of alignment with socio-economic and environmental well being.

Fashion for good, headquartered in Amsterdam is a global initiative through collaboration of a body of brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, NGOs, innovators and funders to make fashion sustainably good. They also have open source guide ‘Good fashion Guide’ with practical advices and suggestions on how to implement certified sustainable technology of manufacturing in production business in fashion industry. Their one of a kind and world’s first interactive museum in Amsterdam is solely dedicated to innovation and advancements in sustainable fashion. This is a place which attracts visitors for not only its unique view but simple message- Fashion with good impact is possible and is within the reach of maximum sectors of society.

Phabio has made to a group of 9 business models in Fashion for Good’s south Asia Innovation programme among hundreds of participants from across the world. Our group is one of the 3 companies selected for this programme. It’s a pleasure having been given this opportunity to our technology to make a change in the production business. It puts us on the right pedestal and fuels promising start of our eco-friendly business. Their accelerator program with experts and necessary advisories would be highly beneficial for our future perspectives and growth.

Sustainable and green fashion is the key and stepping stone in redefining the saga of fashion business that it can thrive and flourish on ethical consumption of goods and simultaneously reap socio-economic benefits. We need to not only evolve in harmony with nature and turn around our habits into a force for good through innovation and sustainability and we are going to help you do it.


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