As COVID gets to its shore. I hope humans will no more consider themselves to be the most

advanced and powerful creatures on this planet. Because this one incident has proved that, we are not even compatible to compete with such a miniscule creature, which made us stay doors closed for the last 3 months. Humans have always misunderstood the fact that the time Homo sapiens have landed on this planet through a course of evolution they were a threat to every other creature around them. Now they are a threat to this planet. Initially, they engulfed in the creature of the entire species and recorded their names into the categories of endangered and extinct once to show that they are a sort of educated, prudent, and have control over all the creatures of this planet.

However, over the period as the wooden wheels transformed into the alloy ones. We cannot even imagine the damage we have done to our mother earth. I worry what if we humans record the name of this planet into the Red Data Book. Though, the technical advancement may have brought grin on our faces and made us, feel prudent about the future. Nevertheless, I am very sure no one among the humans is prudent about the earth. We ruined earth horrendously and now we are planning to shift to the moon and Mars. I worry we humans who have made the hell out of this heaven and imagine of heaven somewhere else. What will we do if we shift to the moon and


I will not be surprised if I listen that the polyethylene bags are floating all around the

space. Plastics was one such invention, which made the oceans of this planet into a pool of

floating plastics. Students have forgotten reading about islands instead; they have started reading about islands formed out of garbage (the garbage patches). Around 2 million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide. This means they will stay barren in our soil and stay undeteriorated throughout centuries. We are dumping around 8million tons of plastic every year. We have ruined our oceans by dumping plastic in it. We teach students that forests are necessary as the plants help us to live by providing oxygen but how many of them know that one-third of the oxygen that we breathe comes from the oceans. Today, we are crying for the deaths of humans worldwide due to the COVID but how many cares about the lives of the 693 marine species harmed by plastic pollution. How many of us cry for those 1 million sea birds killed annually from ocean plastic.

We are very much aware that non-biodegradable plastics are making hell out of heaven but how many of us have started using bioplastics or other alternatives.

The mind set has to change from within. Our family, society, town, states, nations, and the world will follow the transformation within us. We all humans are gifted with a wonderful trait of introspection, a trait to talk to ourselves. Be truthful and ask yourself; are we doing good using plastic?

For me the answer was, ‘stop using plastic, start using something better like bioplastic and other alternatives’.

I leave the thought of introspection to you. Ask yourself are you being good with your mother. The universal mother of all, Mother Nature.

If yes, what are you doing to save her? This Environment day promise to yourself and

your mother about what are you going to do for her?

Leave your answers in the comments below.

“Make sure you care about this nature

consciously. Else, nature has her cruel ways to

make you care for her. The choice is yours.”

-T Sai Devakar (A standard 12 student interning with us)


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