At Phabio, we strongly believe that behavioral changes go a long way in adopting sustainable practices. And keeping the same in mind, we introduce the ECO-PENALTY CALCULATOR. It is a one-of-a-kind tool in the world, which lets you know how much impact your shopping list has on our environment. Here are some details about the tool:


1. Click N' Shift:

Here we offer a group of several common items with high EcoPenalty.

We offer a way to learn about their alternatives in a quick easy click. We believe that you would love to shift to more Eco-friendly options.

2. Overview Slideshow:

We bring several items with their Footprints and Time Of Degradation in a visually appealing slideshow.

It would be really helpful if you want a general outlook of 'how an item as simple as a Plastic Bag can adversely impact the Environment'.

3. Mirror Your Lifestyle:

A pick N drop for your everyday useables to realize their Penalties for the Environment.

Scoring System:

We have curated a brilliant response system to help you realize the impact your lifestyle does on the Environment.

We have a list of everyday items with their unique Footprints and Degradation time.

It is labeled with an EcoPenalty between 0 and 2000.


Zero means most Environmental Friendly,

2k means least Environmental Friendly.

We have made an interface to browse individual items as well and add them to a list, you can mirror your everyday shopping list.

Finally with the help of an Infograph, we help you to access your standing versus an average individual.

Lower the EcoPenalty, safer the items are for the Environment, so you can look at the EcoPenalty as a cost which the Environment bears for the overall lifecycle(Production-Use-Recycling/Disposal) of that item.

Don't hesitate to write to us at when you have a GREAT score. We give out a customized Eco Friendly E-BADGE to you when your score is "GREAT" OR "ABOVE AVERAGE"



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